Retain To Sustain

2.5 Billion Trees

While our programme envisions a multifaceted approach in implementation, our crowning jewel will be the planting, nurturing and sustenance of 2.5 billion trees and woody shrubs in all parts of the country by the year 2020.

For The Future

Additionally, as part of the implementation of our overall goal, planting 2.5 billion trees by 2020, the Tree Planting Challenge-2016 Initiative is a tree planting marathon for the people of Kenya.

This Marathon’s Purpose Is:

  • Planting 5 million tree seedlings in one hour
  • Breaking a Guinness World Record
  • Bringing Kenyans from all walks of life to participate in the exercise

We also helped create and enact the Go-Green Kids Festival, an annual event organized by the Kenya Red Cross Society that provides children and their families the inspiration and knowledge to venture outside, explore nature, and become stewards of their own environments, advocating for conversation.


Due to uneven rain distribution,
the #TreeChallenge has been postponed.